Get on Track Challenge

Get on Track Challenge

Get on Track Challenge

The Get on Track Challenge (GOTC) is a free, online team-based challenge that will help you make positive steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Work as a team to progress along a virtual track by each eating two fruit and five vegetables, and completing at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day.

Diabetes WA coordinates several ‘official’ challenges each year, which are open for anyone to join. Find out when the next Diabetes WA Challenge for Champions is on the Upcoming Challenges tab. Alternatively, you can create your own challenge to suit the needs of your workplace or group.

The GOTC was originally developed in 2008 by Diabetes WA, with funding from the Department of Health. The program targeted Western Australian adults in the community. The GOTC was relaunched in April 2013, with a new look, feel and focus. The program targets workplaces and is currently funded by the Department of Health, through the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH).

GOTC is ideal for workplaces. Not only can you create your own challenge, as the program is interfaced with Google maps, but you can create your own track too. You could create a track which visits different regional branches of your company, or that tours your local area. The possibilities are endless!  Being a team challenge, Get on Track provides a great opportunity to foster relationships within the workplace while improving employee health at the same time.

A step by step guide to how it all works:

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